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Apples & Oranges Music is a production music company of the highest caliber offering custom scoring as well as sync-licensable tracks in a wide variety of styles, pre-edited to suit just about any kind of production.  Authenticity is what sets us apart.

When you're looking for a specific style or vibe, we know that pretty close doesn’t cut it. We've got to nail it. That’s why we don’t use out-of-the-box simulations and samples. We go that extra mile for you: if a track calls for guitar cranked to floor-shaking volume, dope DJ-style scratching or a live flute, then that’s what you’ll get. There’s nothing halfway with us.

But you don’t have to take just our word for it: our music has appeared in major motion pictures, film trailers for Academy Award-winning productions, Emmy Award-winning television shows and national and international ad campaigns. Visit our new Trailers page to see and hear some of our most recent film trailer work. A DVD reel with our ad work, trailers and promos is available upon request.

Once you’ve worked with us, we know you’ll agree that comparing us to other production music companies is, well, like comparing Apples & Oranges.


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